Push-in CAGE type,SMD 3.0mm Wago 2059 : RE-C-L83

    Series Part No: RE-C-L83
    RoHS Compliance: Yes

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    *.Repeatable rapid plug-in line connection technology
    *.Single strand wire can be directly inserted
    *.Using the operating tool can easily take out stitches to complete work
    *.Height is only 2.7 mm

    *.Modular assembly, terminal channel can be any combination, 

    and welding needle spacing is constant

    *.Package tape packing, suitable for automatic assembly
    Electrical specifications: 
    No. of poles :                 1   or  2  or 3
    Insulation material:        LCP   UL94V-0
    Contact material:           Copper alloy 
    Contact plating:             tin-plated 
    Pin spacing :                  3.00mm
    Color:                             CREAM 
    Hight:                             2.7mm
    Working temperature:   -40℃~+110℃
     Rated voltage :                          275V
    Rated current:                           2A
    Withstand voltage:                    800V AC,1minutes
    Insulation impedance:               800MΩ at DC500V
    Wire gauge:                               26-22AWG(0.14-0.34mm²)
     Applicable standards: 
    IEC 998-1 IEC 999
    IEC 947-1 UL  1059
    CSA22.2 158-1987 UL  486E
     Using the technology 
    Manual welding:                          350℃/10s
    Reflow soldering:                        260℃/10s、2 times, a total of 10 s
    Strip length:                                 5mm
    Multi-strand wire:                          Wire stripping surface tin plating  0.5mm
    Insert pull force:                            1.5kgf

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    Push-in CAGE type,SMD 3.0mm Wago 2059 : RE-C-L83