Pogo pin connectors : RE-C-PG01

    Series Part No: RE-C-PG01
    RoHS Compliance: Yes

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    Remark: Considering the difference between test spot and actual work spot, the impedance test condition defined by Top-Link is based on the whole working stroke. This is what we generally said dynamic impedance testing, it differs from the static test condition of ELA-364923, the durability test standard is also based on this test condition.
        RE-C is equipped with comprehensive inspection and reliability testing equipment.
        RE-C attaches great importance to quality management of each link, including IQC, IPQC, 100% dynamic testing of spring force and contact impedance , 100% appearance inspection, FQC sampling inspection, CQC, design verification, regular reliability testing, failure analysis, and so on.
        RE-C has implemented strict and effective quality control over each link which includes product design, sample preparation, trial production and mass production. As a consequence, our product quality is guaranteed.
        pogo pin connector OEM type

        1, small diameter, fine type products
           The minimum can be done is below 0.75
        2, high durability
           Maximum durability of up to 1 million times
        3, large current
           Maximum up to 15A current
        4, high reliability
           100% dynamic impedance testing to ensure 100% functional zero defects
        5, lower operating height
            Minimum working height of up to 1.5mm, the chopping block can be lower
        6, high precision (size & forward force)
            Height tolerances up to +, - 0.05mm positive up to + / - 10%
        7, non-standard structure
           Customer requirements can be customized according to customer requirements, such as: mushroom head structure

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    Pogo pin connectors : RE-C-PG01