N Cable Connector (Plug,Male,50Ω) : RE-C-N001

    Series Part No: RE-C-N001
    RoHS Compliance: Yes

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    N Cable Connector  With Plug Male Straight Type 

    (Cable Group: RG-58,RG-303,LMR-195;RG-142,RG-223,RG-400;RG-316,RG-174,LMR-100......)

    Electrical  Specifications
    Impedance: 50 Ω  
    Frequency Range: 0 - 11 GHz 
    Voltage Rating:1,500 volts peak 
    VSWR: straight connectors: 1.3 Max. 0-11 GHz
                right angle connectors: 1.35 Max. 0-11 GHz
    Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: 2,500 volts rms 
    Insulation Resistance: 5,000 MΩ Min.
    Center Contact Resistance: 1.0 mΩ  
    Outer Contact Resistance: 0.2 mΩ  
    RF Leakage: -90 dB Min. at 3 GHz 
    Insertion Loss:0 .15 dB Max. at 10 GHz
    Temperature Range: -65°C to +165°C 
    Male Contacts: Brass, silver or gold plated 
    Female Contacts: Phosphorous bronze , silver or gold plated 
    Other Metal Parts: Brass
    Insulators: TFE
    Weatherproof Gaskets: Silicone rubber 
    Crimp Ferrule: Copper
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    N Cable Connector (Plug,Male,50Ω) : RE-C-N001