In our daily dealing with Electronic Components Business with our partners, we found our most partners have been very busy, the working is very heavy and hard .Sometimes when they meet some products are shorting of material, the only parts in stock can help them solve the problem. We have been thinking what’s the best way we can help our partners? We decide to produce some products in advance and put those products in our warehouse. We have a very large and best condition for electronic components products. We use our powerful and excellent by combing our ERP system and website to show them online. Our partners only need to click our web page, they will know which products and quantity which RHT has them in stock. Then our partners only contact their sales manager to request the immediate shipment, we will arrange shipment at the same day.

    Why Choose RHT as your interconnect solution partner?

    Focus on Excellence

    Growth Culture & Agility

    Collaborative Problem Solving

    Trust & Integrity

    Business Sustainability

    More Reliable Partner

    Fast Reply And Excellent Service.

    Competitive Price And Excellent Solutions

    In an ever-changing world, What’s remained constant?

    Our commitment to responsible business practices and our customer’s success.

    We have been insisting on our commitment to each of our partners:

    We always guarantee that each of our partners benefit from cooperation with RHT.

    After years of development, we have become a global connector solution provider.

    We have been recognized and supported by customers all over the world.

    We have been recognized by the world's largest distribution companies and manufacturers.

    We distinguished ourselves from competitors by the quality of our working environment and HR standards for employees, as well as our ability to get products to market quickly through its our multi-disciplinary new product introduction centers.

    RHT Culture and what we value

    The work-life philosophy is to embody and elevate our capability in everyday's wisdom, execution & harmony.

    We cherish our professionalism, collaboration, innovation and social responsibility. Most important of all, we value the most our teams, customers and partnership.

    We are always on top of your needs.

    RHT Philosophy

    Vision & Mission:

    Company Vision :

    We believe in the transformative power of creating connections.

    We ensure that every partner benefits from cooperation with RHT and creates value.

    We use innovation, engineering excellence, commitment to quality and reliability and superior customer experience to improve communication, elevate experiences, and engage and inspire people everywhere.

    Our Mission:

    Embodying customer satisfaction spirit, RHT’s mission is to become our partner’s most reliable and specialized connectivity partner by providing the most Suitable Interconnect Solution & Integrated Engineering Services.

    Create a fair and equal platform for our employees to realize their great ideals.