Connector is one of Most Competitive Products Group at RHT.

    We introduce RHT Ejector Header Connector today. It’s our hot selling products.

    Ejector headers are connectors that offer a feature which closely resembles a clip on both sides of the connector. 

    This feature allows for easier and more frequent connects and disconnects. Ejector headers also come equipped with 

    polarizing features, allowing for an even easier and accurate connection.

    Classification of Ejector Header: according to the spacing of PIN pins, Ejector Header with spacing of 1.27MM, 

    Ejector Header with spacing of 2.0MM, Ejector Header with spacing of 2.54MM; According to the connection mode, 

    it can be divided in o direct insrtion (180 degrees), bent insrtion (90 degrees) and SMT

    Application of Ejector Header: Mainly used in computer equipment, industrial automation equipment, digital products, security equipment, electronic instruments, new energy products, medical devices and other fields

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